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General purchase terms & conditions


1. Application of these General Purchase Terms & Conditions




2. Conclusion of Contracts




3. Prices and Payment Conditions




4. Deliveries




5. Delivery Dates and Delivery Delays




6. Confidentiality


The supplier is obligated to maintain strict confidentiality with regard to all drawings, models, calculations and other documentation and information received from Fiberpreg GmbH, whether in physical or electronic form. They may only be disclosed to third parties with the express consent of Fiberpreg GmbH. The confidentiality obligation will continue after the ending of the supply relationship or the contract; it ceases if and to the extent that the drawings, models, calculations and other production knowledge contained in the documentation, as well as information passed on, becomes generally known. 



7. Quality Assurance




8. Defects in Goods and Title




9. Withdrawal, Liability and Indemnity




10. Property Rights




11. Contractual Penalty




12. General Contractual Principles